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Author's note: these stories need a lot of work. I wasn't going to publish anything, but I had a friend tell me I should anyways even though the stories are somewhat incomplete. I have people ask me what I do on my computer; writing is one of the things. I've reached the 1,200 "micro" story mark, although most stories don't make any sense, seemingly written by a drunken boob. I've been trying to work some of the stories together into common themes.

I'm using an inventor's method of writing stories.

Character Story Brief
Lizbeth Lizbeth's Device story about a cellular stabilizing device
Brown Ball One partially done story about a gravity physics accident
AET AET - First Mission brief about crashed alien vehicle
AET AET - Little Dragons brief about crashed alien vehicle
AET AET - Help Me! brief about a crashed battle-star computer
AET AET - Summer Romance brief about a Klingon found visiting a local bar
AET AET - Breakout brief about the escape of a war criminal


AET - Subway

brief about an unusual subway

AET / Star Fleet AET - Diamonello brief about intelligent crystalline entity on Earth
AET / Paul Calypso AET - Electric Leeches brief about giant electric leeches
AET AET - Car Crash  
  G-Fritz Invasion Aliens attempt an invasion in the middle of the great lakes during a winter storm. Story takes place about 1975 ish.
Missile Silo Story about a 1970 chance encounter with a missile
  CBombSong Cold case originating about 1980 involving an attempt to bomb a prince's house
  Safe House Meeting Cold case originating about 1970; the reunion of a little boy with his mom is interrupted by a gangster
Space Buildings One planet's space exploration system.
Kevin Munroe  -Backstory
Paul Calypso Switch Blade Caution: this story is violent. Author's note: this may be reworked as part of a backstory for agent Apocalypse.
Paul Calypso Agent Apocalypse Caution: planetary scale destruction.
Telepathic Haven - case study of a telepathic haven (by PX)
Peter Howlett Peter's Tomb Peter's childhood spent in a tomb.
Peter Howlett Aunt Jean Jean evaluates Peter for telepathy.
Peter Howlett Best Shot Wolverine vs Peter match #1
Peter Howlett Water-Melon Woman Peter turns his girl-friend into a water-melon.
Peter Howlett Memories Peter has a flashback
Peter Howlett Death By G A serial killer is guillotined
Peter Howlett Accused A Peter Howlett story, Peter's held at gunpoint in an automobile
Peter Howlett Double-Blasted Peter H. speaks about his nuclear experience
Robert R. Refrigerator Rob Backstory for refrigerator Rob character.
The Holey War Spacetime warfare (started)
un6809 6809 like processor found on another world
Rise of the Humans Prequel to Planet of the Apes: Rise of the Humans as genetically engineered tools.
Star Fleet Engines Brief description of starship engines.
Star Fleet IV-0001 Description of the IV-0001 galaxy ship.
Adamantium-Orange The Adamantium-Orange process
Star Fleet Fry Contact A pilot makes first contact in a fried aircraft.
Star Fleet Casey's Apartment Two trapped onboard a borg spacecraft.
Star Fleet Primitive Spaceflight This is the beginnings of a star fleet story involving a people who discover space flight during primitive times.
BSG Race A battle-star race
The Phoenix Force Phoenix Force Basis of the phoenix force folklore
Fight Club A match between opponents
Zingh Duo DoubleDragon Background for Double Dragon
Charles Birth of a Mutant A homemade nuclear reactor overloads
Ralph Superfuels Super Engine Caution: A sad story
Tangmen Introduction to the Tangmen inhabitants
Any TAC Ship TAC spaceship



Characters Wolverine and Ororo Munroe (the X-Men) are owned by Marvel Comics. Other characters OC's owned by me are summarized below.


Lizbeth is an impulsive young lady who has a medical device that counteracts her bad case of "hyper-trichosis".


Refrigerator Rob

Refrigerator Rob is a character that gains pre-cognitive abilities after being stored in a refrigerator for decades.




AET - Army exploration team / (alien encounter team)

A small team of consultants that worked with the army, exploring potential alien crash sites. The joke was the team's acronym was actually 'EAT' for fears of being mistakenly eaten by aliens.




Adamantium-Orange is a superstrong metallic alloy made from the Adamantium group of metals. There are seven isotopes of Adamantium. Unlike the more commonly known Adamantium which is truly indestructible, Adamantium-Orange is virtually indestructible; only extremely high-powered lazers or nuclear blasts may destroy the alloy.